5 Tips to Prepare for Tours at Your Assisted Living Community

When people tour your assisted living community, it is your chance to shine and let them see all that your community has to offer. In order to give your guests the best experience possible while also showing them the variety of amenities that are available for their loved one, you need to prepare properly. The following five tips will help you do so.

1. Make Sure Housekeeping is Up to Date

Take a critical look at the cleanliness of your assisted living community. Are the common areas clean — even behind the furniture and in the corner? Take a look at your maintenance records to see if response times for housekeeping and maintenance issues can be improved and make plans to do so.

2. Check the Morale of your Staff

Your staff is your assisted living community’s most important asset. Regular staff meetings to reiterate their importance — as well as the significance of their attitude and friendliness toward all residents and guests — are key in motivating them to continue doing their job to the best of their ability.

3. Examine the Exterior of your property

First impressions are very important and you want to make sure that your assisted living community makes a good one. Take a walk around the exterior of your property, paying particular attention to the areas that are typically seen by most guests as they drive up and enter your community. That being said, don’t neglect those areas that are not on view as often either, though, as it is likely that some guests will take a stroll around the parameter.

4. Enlist Help from Current Residents and their families

Hearing from current residents and their families is a great way for visitors to get a feel for whether or not your assisted living community is right for their loved one. Tap into the talents that you have at your community in terms of those people whose personalities might be a good fit for reaching out to guests to provide feedback and guidance about what they love about living there.

5. Schedule the Visit during an Event or Activity

Activities and community events allow visitors to truly experience the camaraderie and capture the flavor of your assisted living community. During this time, draw attention to the activities that are regularly scheduled for residents — including those both on and off the premises.

When coupled with an updated folder of handouts that includes items that potential residents and their families would want to know, the above tips can help you prepare your assisted living community for tours. Click into our other blog posts to learn more about online marketing for assisted living facilities. Or Click to button below to download our FREE guide to local SEO for Assisted living.


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