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Powerful analytics is what sets digital marketing aside from all other forms of marketing. When you can accurately measure something you can improve upon it. Tracking, analyzing, and improving upon your marketing is what inbound is all about. Using a combination of Google Analytics, Hubspot, and other subscription services we can accurately track and report on each part of your marketing campaigns.
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Steps to Effective Marketing Analytics


The first step in any of our inbound programs is install tracking code so all the data can start to get aggregated and filters into Google Analytics and Hubspot. Having the correct tracking codes on the appropriate pages ensure that absolutely everything is getting measured.


As time passes more and more data comes into our analytics tools.
The more data that’s available the clearer the picture gets on what’s working, what needs to be improved, and what actions to take next. With constant analysis your marketing efforts would be like throwing darts at a dartboard.


Once the data has been analyzed we make the neccessary tweaks to ensure that our efforts are on track to reach the goals that were set at the beginning of the program. Unlike other forms of marketing digital marketingis constantly adjusting and improving over time.


In addition to the powerful analytical tools that come with both Google analytics and Hubspot there is also clear and easy reporting. The ability to take the data and boil it down to the most important statistics is something that both necessary and powerful. We pride ourselves in clean, clear ROI reporting.

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