Assisted Living Marketing Tips to Increase Enrollment

assisted living marketing

If there is one niche that can be tough to market to, it is no doubt the community that would be interested in assisted living. Boosting marketing efforts is the key to keeping enrollment numbers up and it does not have to be an expensive or time consuming endeavor. So, how do you increase interest in your senior living community without dipping into your budget? There are five helpful tips when it comes to assisted living marketing that could help you see a good return.

1. Utilize more than one source to generate leads.

In the past, getting the majority of your sales leads all from one place may have been feasible, but in the modern age it is a much more efficient idea to utilize more than just one avenue for sales leads. For example, if you’ve traditionally used direct mail, referrals, and word of mouth (historically the most common assisted living marketing tactics) you may want to look into the numerous online lead generation channels that are now available.

2. Keep a visible & updated presence on the web.

The Internet opens up a world of marketing opportunities in the senior living business. So staying present on the web is crucial in ensuring those looking for information online will find you. Social media, your company website, and online directories should reflect up-to-date and correct information about your business. Keep all of your content fresh, rich with new information relevant to the assisted and senior living business.

3. Encourage online reviews from current customers.

Many customers will not simply rely on what your facilities salespeople say when they are in the decision making process for their elderly loved one. What customers do want to hear is what your other customers are saying. Therefore, making sure that you have positive reviews available on your website, social media pages, and online directories such as Yelp is critical to keeping your enrollment at its peak. A testimonials page on your website will also help convert new business for you. Having a positive reputation online is key to competing in the current environment.

4. Empower your sales and marketing team with the use of a online marketing tools.

A good diversified marketing platform utilized by your sales team offers more than a look at their efforts. For example, using a good marketing CMS, such as Hubspot, gives you an in-depth handle on everything from lead generation to customer service after the sale. Because online marketing platforms such as Hubspot use data as their primary driving factor it’s easy to uncover which methods are resulting in new customers.

5. Keep communication open and follow up on leads.

Studies show that 50 percent of leads are never followed, which means that is potentially that many residents you will never see in your long-term care community. Consumers always want to know that they are being heard, so make sure that you are present enough on your online applications to follow up on leads and keep communication open. Respond to social media messages and online contact form submissions in a timely manner.  B sure to reach out to customers who need more information, and ensure that your contact details are always openly displayed on your websites and marketing ads.


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