Chatbots for Senior Living

Engage Prospects and Increase Lead Volume

As part of Hubspot’s marketing automation platform clients also have access to chatbots. Chatbots enable you to talk directly with prospects through your website and decrease the amount of time it takes to capture a lead. This is especially effective in senior living when a community may be paying a lead refferal service and the commission is based on the time the lead was registered.

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Senior Living Chatbot Tools

As a Hubspot agency partner we're a huge fan of their tools and software. In addition to their full suite of marketing automation tools you also get the ability to create customized chatbots for your website. A chat feature and/or a fully automated chatbot can increase conversion, provide a better customer experience, and improve your sales. IF you're interested in setting up a chat feature at your communities please contact us for a consultation.


We can fully customize the chatbot interactions to your business. Have your bot answer specific questions, book meetings with your sales staff, and help qualify leads automatically. All answers to questions will come straight from your company automatically.

Fully Automated

With Hubspot’s chatbot you have the ability to either talk directly over a messenger tool or have an automated AI bot answer questions and interact on your behalf. Whether or not your sales staff is available you won’t miss the opportunity to interact with prospects.

Lead Routing

Immediately route all chat interactions to the appropriate member of your sales staff automatically. As chatbots work 24/7 your sales team can wake up to a list of qualified sales leads to follow up with – already input into your CRM! Your sales staff is sure to love this feature. \


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