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Content Marketing is another core component of inbound marketing.
Creating fresh,valuable content is the best way to attract visitors to your website.
Through consistent content creation and promotion we help our clients provide value
to their industry and get seen as a trusted thought-leader to their prospective clients.


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Attract Clients through Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about getting the right message in front of the right audience. We help our clients create and publish targeted content that attracts the right type of visitors to their websites.

Keyword Research

Thorough keyword research is where is all begins with both on-page SEO as well as content marketing. By choosing the best keywords to try and rank for you can craft your whole content marketing message to the exact audience you’re intending to reach.


Consistent blog posting is at the core of content marketing. Each new blog post is a chance for your website to rank for a new keyword and convert a new visitor. By including your targeted keywords into the titles and body of each blog post you’ll attract targeted visitors by offering them something of value.

Email Marketing & Nurturing

Once you’ve created your content you’ll need to distribute it to the right audience. One way is my email marketing and nurturing. Emailing potential customers valuable information and continuing to nurture them through the sales process is a key component of inbound marketing as well as content distribution.

Social Media Promotion

Another amazing way to get your content published in the correct channels is through social media. By publishing your blog content across your social channels you’ll be spreading your valuable information to more people and driving more traffic and inbound leads to your website. Social media optimization and promotion is another key component of inbound marketing.

Is Your Facility Getting Found Online?

Is your assisted living community even showing up in localized search? Are potential clients looking for your online but can’t even find your address or phone number to setup a visit? Download our free guide to local SEO for senior living facilities and make sure your community is getting found online.

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