Effective Long Term Care Marketing Ideas

Effective Long Term Care marketing combines a variety of different methods and strategies. For the most part quality care, a professional staff, and good word of mouth will keep your clinic in business. Also a healthy combination of both long term care online marketing and off line marketing results in quality leads. Below we’ve listed a few ideas to get you started thinking about new long term care marketing ideas for your practice.

Simple but Effective Ideas for Marketing Your Long Term Care Facility


Eliminate the Fear of Placing a Loved One In an Assisted Living Facility

The idea of placing a loved one into the care of someone else is a major hurdle to long term care marketingovercome when marketing your long term care community.  Many of the fears that loved ones have regards safety, but there is also a feeling of guilt associated with the placement process that family members need to overcome before making a decision. Their are numerous ways to diminish and eliminate these fears. The more transparent your community is in this regard the better. Offering things like both on-site and virtual tours of the community on your website is one great way to reduce anxieties. Also offering staff bios and testimonials will help potential patients feel like they know the community and staff much better than if they just arrive at your community cold for a tour.


Show the Unique Value of Your Facility

Highlighting the unique aspects of your community and what makes you different from others should be at the forefront of your marketing efforts. Potential customers and their families will no doubt be evaluating multiple facilities in your area before making a decision. In order to have them remember you you’ll need to differentiate yourself from other facilities in any way possible. Highlighting unique aspects of your community, such as free Wi-Fi, family meeting rooms, and unique recreational facilities should be clearly showcased in your marketing materials and on your website. Also, make sure you have professional pictures of all your facilities and staff on your site. Doing this alone will make you stand out and look more professional than your local competition.


Testimonials Are Paramount to Converting New Customers

Testimonials from both actual tenants and their families are an incredibly effective way to both reduce fear and display the unique value of your community. By having both written testimonials and video testimonials on your website you’ll be able to easily showcase some of your facilities best attributes. Allow your interviewees to be honest in their testimonials but steer them towards talking about different aspects of your community that you’d like to highlight also. Be sure to include videos and testimonials from members of your staff here also. Videos are an easy way for potential customers to feel comfortable with the staff and members of the community before coming on-site for a tour.

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