For Senior Living Companies Who Fit Criteria

An inbound marketing program is a big investment; albeit a smart one. In order to make it as easy as possible for our ideal target senior living companies to try inbound we’ve developed a one-month free trial of our program using Hubspot. The trial allows us to start a working relationship with your company and guarantee we generate a positive ROI before making any long-term commitments or signing any contracts.

During the trial we’ll implement Hubspot’s tracking code, generate leads of your target community(s), and ensure all our tools and tracking are setup correctly before we officially start a program. While this seems like a great deal for the client it helps us also. It allows us to get an intimate look into your web marketing and create a program that guarantees success before we commit to you as a client. If you fit the criteria below you may be a candidate for this program and we’d love to talk to you.

Our FREE One-Month Trial Offer Is For:

  • Senior Living Companies Who Want to Grow
  • Have 200+ Total Units (Across all locations)
  • Have 10K+/Month Website Visits
  • Who have a dedicated sales staff (to help convert our leads)

- Mike T.

“The trial program that NextWave was able to offer is a great option for any company that’s considering an agency partner. It allowed us to start a working relationship with NextWave as well as prove the ROI of the program before making any long-term commitments. It made it very easy for us to justify the future investment in their program.”

- Mike T. / Digital Marketing Manager

One-Month Trial Program

Cost of Program:


Benefits Include:

  • Generating Prospects
  • Access to Hubspot Portal
  • A Tailored Marketing Plan
  • Full Website Audit
  • Software Recommendations
  • Guarantee ROI Before Investing
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