Lead Boost + Sales Connect + Nurture Prospects

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The Full Funnel Program is designed to solve the senior living problem of “following up with prospects over time.” This program combines the benefits of Lead Boost Program and the Sales Connect Program with the power of marketing automation to follow up and nurture prospects over time. This product solves the issue of having no automated process to nurture prospects over time, from the visit, to lead, to move-in. A clearly defined digital sales funnel for capturing, nurturing, and converting prospects.

*This program includes a subscription to Hubspot professional. We’ve identified Hubspot as the most effective tool to deliver the solutions needed to solve the problems in the industry and deliver the most value to our clients.

Outcomes of Program Include:

  • 2X+ Lead Growth
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Better Qualified Leads
  • Faster Response times
  • Closed Marketing Funnel
  • Accurate Marketing/Sales ROI
  • Better Qualified Prospects
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Faster Move-In Timeline

- Mike T.

“Working with NextWave has been hugely instrumental in improving our digital program. Since working together we’ve been able to dramatically improve our conversion rate and the number of new residents from digital. Great agency to help get you started with inbound marketing. Highly recommend!”

- Mike T. / Digital Marketing Manager

Full Funnel Program

Cost of Program:


*Includes Hubspot Pro Subscription
*12 Month Commitment

What This Program Includes:

  • TOFU Optizmation
  • Lead Flows
  • Embedded Forms
  • CTAs & Landing Pages
  • Instant Lead Reply
  • Lead Routing
  • CRM Integration
  • Closed-Loop ROI Reporting
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lifecycle Stages
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Strategic Consulting
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1 Year Program with Milestones

Our full Funnel program is broken into distinct phases with specific milestones. Each phase builds upon itself over time.

Convert & Qualify

Months 1-4

This phase focuses on converting your existing website traffic into qualified sales leads. We do this by creating e-books and content offers that capture leads information and get sent instantly to your sales staff. During this phase we shoot to double your volume of inbound leads.

Connect & Nurture

Months 4-8

In this phase we close the marketing funnel by connecting your CRM data to marketing. This allows for a full funnel view of each activity that resulted in a new customer. During this phase we also setup lead nurturing automation to furhter qualify the leads and convert them into booking on-site tours.

Analyze & Optimize

Months 8-12

Once the first two phases are complete you should be generating a steady flow of new leads and qualified on-site tours. In this phase we look at all the data and make optimizations to the program. We then double down on what’s working well while at the same time setup A/B testing to improve on an ongoing bases.

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