Turn Your Senior Living Leads in Qualified Appointments

The Lead-2-Tour (L2T) Follow-Up System© turns your digital senior housing leads into qualified appointments for your sales director.

The Senior Living Industry Has a Problem

Senior living companies THINK they have a lead generation problem. But in fact, they have a LEAD RESPONSE problem.


of online leads buy from the first person who responds to them.

30 Mins

after which you're 900% less likely to get in touch with a lead.



of digital leads in the Senior Living industry are NEVER EVEN RESPONDED TO.

48 Hours

the amount of time on average for senior living leads to be responded to (if ever). 


the amount of times studies have shown it takes to get a lead to respond.


the average number of times a lead is followed-up with.



Spending money to generate leads you never even speak to.



Blaming a lack of results on just the amount of leads.



Overworking salespeople with

manual outreach tactics.

Our Lead-To-Tour (L2T) Follow-Up System© Is Here to Eliminate The Lead Problem You Didn't Even Know You Had.

The Lead-2-Tour System© turns digital leads into qualified appointments for your sales staff on auto-pilot. We respond to inbound leads for you so your staff can spend more time with qualified prospects and less time chasing web leads.

Respond Immediately


Whoever responds first usually wins. Every digital lead is contacted in 5-minutes or less, giving you the advantage from the start to be the front-runner in their decision process.

Better Client Experience

First impressions count. We follow up with leads up to 8-12 times, qualify them, and make sure they get the information they requested. This maximizes the ROI of each digital lead that comes to you.

Better Staff Utilization

Spend more time doing the right things. Your staff no longer has to spend hours of their time manually emailing, calling, and chasing down every digital lead that comes in. They only spend their time on pre-qualified appointments.


Performance-Based Pricing

Our "Lead-2-Tour" (L2T) System revolutionizes the way your senior living sales & marketing organization operates. Our pricing varies based on number of locations and our (PPA) Pay-Per-Appointment model is made to only rewards results - the booking of highly qualified prospects.