Lead Management

Learn to effectively manage your inbound leads and clearly define your sales funnel.

The inbound marketing process doesn’t end with simply getting a new lead through your website. Effectively managing your leads and nurturing them through the various stages of your sales funnel is crucial to converting new customers; not mention understanding if they’re even a good fit for your service in the first place!

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Lead Nurturing

Learn how to nurture new inbound leads into qualified sales opportunities. By managing your leads efficiently you can increase your conversion rates of leads to residents and greatly impact your bottom line.

Define Each Stage of Your Funnel

It is important that you clearly define each stage of your funnel. For most inbound funnels this includes website visits, leads, Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Sales Qualified Leads (SQL). Providing content to nurture leads through the stages of your funnel is key to inbound marketing.

A Process for Lead Scoring

Lead scoring involves assigning number values to each component of your inbound leads. Scoring leads enables you to segment and prioritize which leads are in which stage of your funnel. This enables your sales & marketing team to provide the appropriate content to move them to the next stage.

Service Level Agreements

A service level agreement means clearly defining a stages of your funnel between marketing and sales departments. It lays out the protocol for each level of your funnel so your sales and marketing teams can work together; instead of seeing themselves as separate departments.

A Defined Nurturing Process

The power of building out a full funnel is that it builds predictability and scalability into your business. However just because someone is a “qualified lead” doesn’t mean that they’re ready to buy. You’ll need to create a unique funnel specifically for your company to correctly manage your leads.

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