Turn Your Senior Living Leads into Qualified Appointments.

Connect with More Prospects

LTT Ensures every digital lead is contacted in 5-minutes or less and is followed-up with 8-12 sales touches. This makes a huge impact in the ROI from all your digital efforts.

Saves Your Staff Time

Your staff no longer has to spend time emailing, calling, and chasing down every digital lead that come in. They only spend their time on pre-qualified appointments

Better Experience for Prospects

By responding quickly your prospects will feel more valued and appreciated. Quick & friendly response will set your company apart from the competition in the eyes of your prospects.

Senior living companies THINK they have a lead generation problem. But in fact, they have a LEAD RESPONSE problem

The Lead-To-Tour (LTT) Follow-Up System© turns your digital senior housing leads into qualified appointments for your sales director.

Our Lead-To-Tour (LTT) Follow-Up System© Is Here to Solve It.
The Lead-to-Tour System© turns digital leads into qualified appointments for your sales staff. We respond to inbound leads for you so that your staff can spend more time with qualified prospects and less time chasing web leads.

Key Features

More Sales Opportunites

Time Efficiency 

The Lead to Tour system prevents lost sales and dead leads. It automatically contacts your prospects within 5 minutes, while they are still thinking about your community.

Improves ROI of ALL Digital

Brand Consistency 

Easy Setup


We take your digital leads and actually book tours and sales meetings for your staff via a shared sales calendar. 

Our system allows your staff to focus a higher percentage of their time on talking & meeting with qualified prspects- instead of chasing leads.

By implementing a digital response system it increases the ROI of ALL your digital lead generation efforts.

Every email, phone call, and contact point in our system is customized to fir your brand and style. And it's the same every time. 

We take your digital leads and actually book tours and sales meetings for your staff via a shared sales calendar. 

We take your digital leads and actually book tours and sales meetings for your staff via a shared sales calendar. 

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Ready to Get Started?
Are you ready to take digital lead managment off your plate? Would you like to put a system in place that consistently fills your tour calendar with qualified senior living prospects? 

How Effective is Your Digital Lead Response?

We're currently running PPC ads and driving our own website leads. Will this process replace that?
The LTT follow-up system is all about making the most of your existing leads.  It's designed to work in tandem with any existing digital campaigns. It actually allows you to get more out of your existing programs by converting more of your leads into qualified appointments.


Frequently Asked Questions






How much does it cost?

Our program is completely performance-based. So you'll only get charged for what you actually want - RESULTS.  Book a call to see if you qualify first and we will review our "Pay-Per-Tour" pricing models together.
How much of my time/my employees time will be spent on this program should we decide to implement it?
Apart from the time spent giving actual tours of your community... ZERO. That's the beauty of the LTT program. We focus on turning digital leads into tours so your staff can get back to focusing on their core responsibilities at the community. We turn your salespeople from chasers in closers.

It's All About The Process...


Our processes are the heart of our business. They've been developed after working for years understanding the senior living sales process.  Depending on where the lead is in the sale cycle they will get enrolled in a process to either connect with them immediately or enroll them in a nurturing process until they are ready to be contacted.


One the lead has been contacted and qualified by our staff we will book either a call or an in-person tour with the prospect on your sales staff's calendar. By setting up a synced calendar we ensure that your staff is available to meet or talk with the prospect. Once booked your staff is instantly alerted of the appointment via email.  


We collect all your digital in leads in one place and sort them using marketing automation. We proritize & score each lead based on where they are in the buyer's journey. The senior living sales cycle is long and not all leads are created equal. They need to be treated on an individual basis.


Our program and process is completely transparent. You will have access to a live dashboard that reports in real-time on thing such as:

  • Number of Leads generated
  • Number/Percentage of Leads Contacted
  • Number of Leads currently being "nurtured"
  • Numberof Apointments Booked.

NextWave is a growth agency helping small to medium-sized companies in the senior living industry to get found online and generate sales-qualified tours of their communities.  


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Responding immediately to every new lead that's interested in your community


Spending money to generate leads you never even speak to 


Relying on over-worked staff to chase down every digital lead


Having to worry that leads are falling through the cracks


Ensuring you follow-up with leads 8-12 Times and actually get in touch with them


Allowing your sales staff to focus on speaking with prospects, instead of chasing leads

Senior Living Results: Within 3-Months the LTT System Helped Our Client: 


Book Over 50 On-Site Tours 

Average a 4-Minute Response Time

Contact 96% of their Digital Leads

Contact Over 50%  on the 1st call!

Working with NextWave, we’ve been able to create a system taking our digital leads and converting them into actual tours of our communities”

-Avista Senior Living 

Carsten L. 

Marketing Director

Is Having a Sales Process for Digital Leads Really THAT IMPORTANT??


Did you know that if you don't reach out to a lead within the first 5 minutes you're  100X less likely to get in touch with them?  Or that in order to turn a lead into an actual customer it takes on average between 5-12  separate sales "touches"

If this is true how come it takes over 3 HOURS  for the average senior living salesperson to respond to a new digital lead.  And how come the average digital lead in the senior living industry is "touched" or followed-up with ONLY ONCE?... And often not at all?

These are questions that have surfaced time and again over the past 2  years while working with clients in the senior living industry.  Uncovering this problem lead us to realize that simply helping our senior living clients get  "more leads" or "more website traffic" was not the area that would provide the most value. 
In order to actually make an impact and provide the most value to our clients, we realized that they first need a process to ensure digital leads were replied to immediately and consistently over time. Only then could they realize the benefits of  all their different digital marketing efforst

...This is how the Lead-to-Tour  (LTT)  Follow-Up System was born.  

The Senior Living Industry Has a Problem

We take your digital leads and turn them into qualified meetings for your salfes staff...all WHILE YOU SLEEP

How It Works

We collect all your digital leads in one place and use marketing automation to score, analyze, & prioritize.

Collect Digital Leads

Enroll in Lead-to-Tour (LTT) Follow-Up Process

Sales-Qualified Meeting Booked in Your Calendar

We enroll digital leads into our 12-touch Lead-to-Tour (LTT) Follow-Up System

We book tours and sales appointments for your sales directors in a shared calendar.

What's your current process for responding to & qualifying your digital leads? Is it repeatable, measurable, and scalable? We've invested countless hours with senior living clients finding the exact processes that enable us to reach prospects, qualify them over the phone, and book appointments for your staff. The proof is in the process.
An Invitation to Senior Living Operators:
Would you like to put a system in place that consistently fills your tour calendar with qualified senior living prospects? 

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It takes between 8-12 sales touches to make contact with a sales lead. 


50% of digital leads in the Senior Living industry are NEVER EVEN RESPONDED TO

48 Hours

It takes 48 hours on average for senior living leads to be responded to (if ever) 


However the average senior living lead is only followed up with 1-2 Times.


of online leads buy from the first person who responds to them.

30 Mins 

You're 900% less likely to get in touch with a lead after 30 mins has passed.

Do we still own the leads?

Yes. The Lead-to-Tour program simply ensures that the digital leads you DO HAVE are are contacted and followed-up with effectively. The leads are exclusively yours.