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This past year we chose to focus our attention on ways to provide value to the senior living industry. Using a variety of tactics we were able to find strategies that were specific to the needs of the industry and generated real business results. This page lists some of the highlighted statistics.

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“Working with NextWave has been hugely instrumental in improving our digital program. Since working together we’ve been able to dramatically improve our conversion rate and the number of new residents from digital. Great agency to help get you started with inbound marketing. Highly recommend!”

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2018 Senior Living Results


8800 Forms Submitted

Approximately 8800 total form submissions generated on our clients websites.


Community Tours Booked

Approximately 1830 personal visits of senior living communities booked from inbound marketing.


Total Move-Ins

We generated approximately 394 total Move-Ins from digital marketing efforts


New Revenue Generated

Approximately $7M of New Revenue generated for clients through inbound marketing activities.

Senior Housing Digital Strategies

Below are a few of the areas that we focus on to provide results to clients in the senior living industry. After analyzing your website and marketing we look for the areas where we can provide the most value in the least amount of time. Below are a few of the ways we provide that value to clients.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase Leads from Existing Traffic

One of the quickest ways generate ROI is to optimize your existing digital assets. By providing “top of the funnel” offers on your website you can take advantage of the vast majority of website visitors who are not ready to move-in – but are looking for educational information. Using conversion rate Optimization tactics we’ve seen increases of 70% or more in lead volume for certain senior living clients.

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Lead Nurturing Campaigns

Increase Number of Qualified On-Site Tours

Capturing a lead is just the first step in the inbound process. To best assist community sales directors we help automate the process of qualifying and converting prospects into on-site tours. This process happens over time but ensures your sales staff has a steady flow of qualified prospects touring your communities.

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Implementing Marketing Automation

Automate Processes Using Technology

Tired of manually following up with every new lead to schedule a tour? By correctly utilizing marketing automation, we enable you to automate much of the process of converting a lead into a new resident. By setting up marketing automation to run continuously in the background of your site we save your sales directors time and make their jobs much easier.

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Real-Time Tracking & Reporting

Clean, Transparent Reporting

A huge benefit of our service for many clients is the level of insight we can provide into their digital marketing campaigns. As a Hubspot agency partner we get access to a wide range of tools that we can customize and share with our clients. The high-level analytics and visual data allow our clients deep insights into their digital efforts and also allows us to create marketing goals based on real numbers tied to results.

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