Three “Must Do’s” for Assisted Living Marketing

assisted living marketing

In the assisted living community a common concern that comes up is what are things that must be done in terms of assisted living marketing. With so many options and such a wide demographic of potential decision makers (meaning both clients and children of clients) it can be tough to know which option is the best way to market to them.

Because assisted living is expected to grow in the upcoming years this means that there will be increased competition and and even greater need to stay ahead of the curve in terms of how your market your community. If you’re not up on current trends you’ll most likely get beat out by other local competition that is. While a good reputation and referral network may have worked 15 years ago today the market for assisted living services is much more transparent. This means that the way you market and sell your services will also have to adapt and change with the times. When it comes to marketing here’s a few “must-have” items your community needs to compete in the upcoming years:

marketing assisted living
1.) A Strong Web Presence. In today’s world of aging baby boomers everybody is first turning to the internet to do their own un-biased research on your community. Whether its the actual resident themselves or the children of your potential new customer one, if not both, will be researching your community online. This means your website, community photos, patient testimonials, and online reviews will all be a factor before they even decide to contact your community. The first step in the process is simply getting FOUND in local online searches. The process of getting your website found online is now a science and one that we specialize in at NextWave Care. Search engine optimization, content marketing, and local listings all play a large factor in the success of this first step. Once found it’s up to your website and content to do the rest.

2.) A Unique Value Proposition. With increased competition comes and increased need to separate yourselves from the pack. This mean determining what your core strengths are at your community and doing your best to highlight those features both online and during on-site visits. Is it your staff? Your facilities? Your group activities? Decide on a few factors that you want to showcase and make sure that these are at the forefront of your marketing efforts; both digital and physical.

3.) A Strong Existing & Past Customers:  People these days almost always look to past customers as a way to measure the value of a potential new product or service. Most people are almost afraid to purchase a product online unless they’ve thoroughly investigated the reviews from past customers. The same goes for assisted living. Your current and past residents can be a HUGE ally in gaining new business. Collect as many testimonials, case studies, and quotes as you can from happy residents. Also ask if they’d be willing to talk to any new resident coming for an on-site visit. Having testimonials from these happy residents, both on your website as well as places like Yelp or Google Plus, will make a huge impact on whether or not a potential client decides to even contact your community for an on-site visit.

Hopefully these few tips have given you some food for thought on how to better market your assisted living community in the new age. For a free consultation or website audit feel free to contact NextWave Care and learn how you can start generating more leads online through your website.



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