30-Day Senior Living Trial Program

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We only want to work with communities that will benefit greatly from our services. In order to ensure future success we’ve created a free one-month trial of our basic-level inbound program for communities that we feel fit our target criteria. It allows us to start a working relationship with your company, start generating you new leads and tours immediately, and allows your company to see the program’s value first-hand before paying a dime or committing to any longer term service agreements.

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- Mike T.

“The trial program that NextWave was able to offer is a great option for any company that’s considering an agency partner. It allowed us to start a working relationship with NextWave as well as prove the ROI of the program before making any long-term commitments. It made it very easy for us to justify the future investment in their program.”

- Mike T. / (Digital Marketing Manager)

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One-Month Senior Living Trial Results


Total Leads Captured

During the free one-month trial we captured 162 new leads through inbound marketing


Requests for On-Site Tours

Of those 162 New leads we were able to get 26 to request an on-site tour of a community.


New Move-Ins

As a result we were able to approximate that 4 of these tour would result in move-in.


Projected ROI

We were able to accurate calculate a 5x or higher ROI on a future inbound marketing program.

Benefits of a Trial on Hubspot

One of the benefits of being a Hubspot agency partner is being able to offer select clients access to a free one-month trial of Hubspot. We only offer this if the client fits certain criteria that would make them an ideal candidate for their software. It's a risk-free way for the client to try Hubspot and to get familiar working with NextWave. It really is a win-win.

About Hubspot

HubSpot is inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Its products and services aim to provide tools for social media marketing, content management, web analytics and search engine optimization. Hubspot is a great tool for senior living companies because of what’s know as the “concept of a lead.” The period of time that a prospect is educating themselves on different senior housing options fits perfectly into Hubspot and the inbound marketing methodology.

Trial Strategy - TOFU Conversion

During the trial we try to focus on the area that will make the highest impact quickly. For many companies it’s in their method of converting visitors into qualified leads for the sale staff. By working with the sales and marketing team at the corporate office we were able to implement some simple conversion tactics which generated 167 new leads during the 30-Day Trial. By implementing embedded forms we were able to better segment and qualify them using customized form fields; things that mattered greatly when sending leads to the community sales directors.

Trial Tactics - Forms, CTA's and Lead Flows

senior living tour
As a way to increase the conversion rate for the top of the funnel we created, styled, and embedded some forms throughout the site to capture lead data. These forms not only captured more leads but helped to qualify them by asking different questions in the form fields. By implementing forms as well as “lead flows” on certain pages we were able to quickly increase visit to lead conversion and send the leads to the appropriate sales directors. Since time is of the essence when responding to leads this ability to get immediate notifications is a huge advantage and enables your staff to claim prospects ahead of thirs party referral services who send you leads later and collect a fee when they become residents.

Tracking and Analytics

senior living case study
One of the most obvious benefits during the trial is the ability to visualize existing marketing efforts. While most companies need to use various different apps and tracking methods to calculate their marketing efficiency Hubspot allows you to see everything in one place, which was very valuable to the client. Throughout the trial as leads came in the members of the sales team could see exactly where each lead came from and gave a high-level view of their different marketing channels; a free benefit of which the entire organization can benefit from greatly.


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MIT Study on Hubspot & Inbound Marketing - It Works!



Hubspot users saw 4.10x more website visitors in one year.



Hubspot users saw 3x more leads from their site within one year.



Hubspot users saw a 72% increase in revenue within one year.



96% of customers agree HubSpot helped them meet their marketing goals.