See Why Inbound Marketing for Assisted Living Centers is Ideal

Learn Why Assisted Living Facilities are a Perfect Fit for an Inbound Marketing Program

Below are the ideal characteristics of a perfect candidate for an inbound marketing client according to Hubspot. This is why NextWave has chosen to focus on inbound marketing for assisted living centers and why we’re confident that we’ll be able to quickly and effectively show a large ROI from using our services.

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Factors Ideal for Inbound Marketing Success

Business Model

Ideal Scenario: Business is the Original ‘Manufacturer’ of Goods/Services: The company provides original goods and/or services. These are typically differentiated in the market and margins are generally healthy. Marketing is valued as a way to promote the differentiation and value of the goods/services.

*This fits assisted living exactly. We want to differenciate your business from all other assisted living/senior care centers so that customers choose you.

Sales Model

Ideal Scenario: The company has control over converting their own leads to sales and can easily follow up on inbound leads.

*Assisted living centers are able to use internal sales and customer service reps to effectively schedule on-site appointments and convert leads into sales. Using NextWave we’ll create the qualified leads and assist your in-house sales team on converting them in customers.

Sales Cylce

Ideal Scenario: 1 week to 12 months: Inbound marketing can often show reasonable results within an acceptable time frame.

*This is a typical time frame for a potential customer to make a decision on which assisted living center to utilize. They do lots of homework, often visit multiple facilities, and then choose the best option for them. Inbound marketing is perfect for this type of client as it focuses on providing value to the lead and nurturing them into a client/customer.

Revenue Per Customer

Ideal Scenario: $500 – $50,000: Companies can typically see a positive ROI with the right amount of work. The sales process typically has the right level of depth for inbound marketing to be effective.

* This is right in the wheelhouse for assisted living. With the average monthly rent of $3500 the average yearly revenue per customer is approx $42,000. Add a typical stay of 2-3 years and you have a lifetime customer value of approx. $84,000 – $126,000. This means that the value of a lead and customer fits perfectly into the inbound model and makes it easy to justify the ROI even with 1 or 2 additional customers per year.

MIT Report on Hubspot ROI

Learn about the Return on Investment from Inbound Marketing Through Implementing HubSpot Software

Every year, HubSpot takes a look at real customer data and commissions an MIT Sloan student to crunch the numbers. This report captures the return on investment HubSpot customers have experienced from conducting inbound marketing with HubSpot software.

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More Factors Ideal for Inbound Marketing Success

Number of Sales Reps:

Ideal Scenario: 2+ Reps: These companies are well positioned to turn inbound leads into sales!

*Typical assisted living centers are staffed with 1-5 on-site staff members to answer phones and convert leads into on-site visits and eventually customers. This works perfectly with the inbound model as our goal is qualify leads and hand them off to the sales team to convert them into visits.


Dedicated Marketing Team:

Ideal Scenario: 0-1 Marketers: Company’s growth has outpaced existing marketing, which is minimal. Yet company is poised for growth. Company may even have an open job description for internal marketer(s).

*Assisted living centers typically only have one staff member that controls marketing efforts. And often times that person has other responsibilities as well. Working with an inbound marketing agency takes all the online presence and lead generation responsibility off of this person. Agencies like NextWave work closely with these team members to create a steady stream of inbound leads and a professional online presence.

Way Customers Find Your Site

Ideal Scenario: Organic Search: Coming through referral links or organic search often means they are researching inbound.

*This matches perfectly for assisted living centers. Although often new clients come from word of mouth or referrals it’s often the loved one of a senior that’s searching online to find the best community. This person uses online resources, checks the facilities website, and downloads relevant materials to help make a decision on which community to choose.

Actions Visitors Take On Your Site:

Ideal Scenario: ‘Marketing Qualified Leads’ – Those who download trial requests, demo requests, IMA requests, or Contact Sales leads have the highest chance of closing.

*Often people searching on an assisted facilities site will want to download brochures, request on-site appointments, and download other relevant material to help them decide between your community and others. This is perfect for inbound marketing. We craft content tailored to these potential customers and generate leads by putting the content on your site with a form that collects their contact information.

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